Month: June 2016


I found some fun in making collages…¬† maybe I will try more mixed-media stuff soon

2016-06-23 13.28.51



2016-06-11 20.40.32

Some sketches I did inspired by the series “How to get away with murder”. (spoiler alert)
It is a very fascinating series. The characters are fascinating, and each one has their own story. I loved the main character Annalease Keating the most. I love how she is strong and vurnerable at the same time. She is a survivor and she makes mistakes, but she also tries to make things right. She fought depression, and child abuse and racism…
Also, we don’t often see a black woman as the main character, and even more as such an interesting one, one that is really divers. The whole cast is more divers than usual. And I love the fact that the different sexual orientations are just shown, without judgement or making them a weird specialty… just showing human beings being attracted to each other. Even showing the fact that one person can love several people at the same time, which may be complicated and painful, but is still a reality for people.
The series made me think about trust and love and secrects.2016-06-11 20.40.54